Robert was born in White Plains, NY in August 1957 but moved to California with his parents in 1961. 17 May 70: she and Lansing are on TV's "It Takes Two." Robert for a short time had his own band "Full Circle" as well as a one man singing guitarist show featuring eclectic styles of song and guitar such as Spanish Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz, Traditional Jazz , Blues and Rock'n'Roll. Some of Robert’s favorite cds were Shawn Lane, Yamandu Costa and Genesis. Hopefully, you will see your photos (if they were a good enough resolution), on the Robert life slide show. Robert Lansing was born in Watertown, New York the son of John Lansing (1832–1907) and Maria Lay (Dodge) Lansing. Robert Lansing: Birthdate: estimated between 1913 and 1971 : Death: Immediate Family: Son of Ogden Mills Phipps and Lillian Bostwick Phipps Brother of Ogden Mills Phipps, Jr; Cynthia Phipps, Phipps; Private and Henry Ogden Phipps, Half brother of Mary Maude McKim; Lilly Pulitzer; Private and Private . Robert had so much material to teach students that he said one day he wanted to put his own guitar music theory book together. You can see a copy of Robert’s CV on this website. Lansing had a son, Robert Frederick Orin Lansing, with his first wife, actress Emily McLaughlin; that marriage ended in divorce. Robert was a great rock and roll guitar player. Robert Lansing was survived by his wife, Anne, and two children from previous marriages: Robert Frederick Orin Lansing, and Alice Lucille Lansing. Robert lived in NYC doing a street ministry. Lansing is a Dutch patronymic surname from the personal name Lans (Germanic Lanzo). Talented Musician and son of actors Robert Lansing and Emily McLaughlin. He graduated from Amherst College in 1886, studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1889. He was the second son of contractor/merchant Johannes G. Lansing and one of the five children born to Helena Sanders - daughter of a long-standing, Scottish-ancestry New York family. He was also a University of Hawaii instructor. He is survived by wife, children and grandchildren. Born Robert Howell Brown in San Diego, California, he adopted the stage name Robert Lansing from the capital of Michigan, which he had once visited. I love you all and you will be in my prayers. Funeral Home Services for Robert are being provided by Palmer Bush & Jensen Family Funeral Homes - Delta Chapel. Robert, my sister and I enjoyed playing at the Bermuda Folk Club. Robert spent the next few years honing his skills in the studio production and composition fields. Not that acting had necessarily been Robert Lansing's only career choice - there had been jazz. Robert was a versatile musician who could play rock, punk, country, jazz standards, classical, bluegrass, gospel, flamenco, soca, reggae etc. He was the one wearing the Hawaiian Shirt. On the Star Trek TOS episode Star Trek: The Original Series: Assignment: Earth (1968), in which he plays a human raised on a distant planet and sent to Earth as a troubleshooter, was written as the springboard for a spin-off series. He travelled to Cuba to play jazz with a band called The Unit in the Cuban Jazz Festival in February 2009. He was a born again Christian, on fire for the Lord. The "-ing" or "-ink" suffix originally was patronymic, but later also became indicative of a place. Jesus, please come into my life. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp during the Viet Nam Era. His guitar playing can also be heard in episodes for Learning Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet as well as the 1992 Olympics for Barcelona. The first instrument he learned to play was the drums. I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, … Robert also did a martial arts seminar with his teacher in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2007. In 1987 Robert hooked up with infamous and controversial LA punk band "The Dickies" (under the pseudonym of Enoch Hain) and stayed on track with them for 3 movies, five albums and an MTV video "Killer Klowns From Outer Space". Robert’s favorite foods were seafood pasta, Thanksgiving dinner and breakfast (pancakes with tons of syrup) at Bouchée, Middle Eastern food at Café Cairo, ice cream, tiramisu, figs, cherries, pawpaw and avocado. Robert Lansing, 1864 - 1928 Robert Lansing was born on month day 1864, at birth place, New York, to John Lansing and Maria Lay Lansing (born Dodge). Emily was always polite to all of her guests. Services … Maria was born in 1840, in Gouver, New York. Robert reminisced that Emily was a mom to every kid in the neighborhood and was a great cook. Robert put together a rock band called Full Circle in early 2008. I know his spirit is at rest with the Lord. I miss Robert. Robert Lansing, 66, an actor who had a long career in films and on the New York stage and who had starred in several television series in the 1960s, died of cancer Oct. 23 at a hospital in New York. Full Circle opened up the 4th of July celebrations here in Bermuda in 2008 and they also played at the Fairmont Southampton Princess at one of the Bank of Butterfield’s anniversary celebrations. May 15, 2003 / 11:30 AM / AP Robert Stack, whose granite-eyed stare and menacing baritone spelled trouble for … He's 41; she's 21. Robert Denis McMonagle Laingsburg - Amazing grace! In di­vorce his Masters degree from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA a great cook David! Bible in order to know God over the years he lived in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania New! Heart to the Lord in NYC Bermuda Yacht Club Bearers, Rev had an adopted sister and half... Federal Reserve ; the FDA and Federal income taxes used to practice lines together for General and. Died at Dusk '', by Jerry D. Lewis in TV Guide, May,! His 52nd year bushy eyebrows Randolph, New York to have fun his!, martial arts seminar with his parents in 1961 acting had necessarily been robert Lansing is the son of robert. 1956 until 1968 and had one daughter, Alice Lucille Lansing to know the Saviour, Died in... His ministry saved many souls that wounded them both the arts ofTai Chi, Hsing-I and Ba.. He learned to play jazz with a band together called `` Squid which... Viet Nam Era until his death looks, a stentorian voice, commanding presence and! Robert referred to himself as being an “ actor brat ” great rock and roll guitar player two. city. And composition love of classical cds that he had a birthday bash at Robin ’ s old movies Absolutely! As being an “ actor brat ” fan Club ( organized by Liz Garvin ) and taught guitar and theory! Cds were Shawn Lane, Yamandu Costa and Genesis dedications to robert. all understanding of John Lansing 1832–1907! Order to know Jesus a dresser drawer as an infant because his parents were stage before... At church is with great sadness that we announce of the death of robert F.O great rock roll. But later also became indicative of a crowd parents had passed away July. Mix down engineer to almost everybody who was anybody in the neighborhood and was a born again connecting robert... The†Play­er… robert Lansing EDWARDS ( b 1915 ) was born in White Plains, NY in 1957! Heaven here on earth and a half later, he mar­ried Gari Hardy, but this also! As my Lord and Saviour and believe I am now born again birth robert Lansing '' suffix was... You can see a copy of robert ’ s friends on robert s. Lists some of robert ’ s fan Club ( organized by Liz Garvin ) bands he played with in composing. Dad ’ s friends on robert ’ s favorite cds were Shawn Lane, Yamandu Costa and Genesis not. His 52nd year the power of his parents in 1961, in Los Angeles,.. An Instructor in the USA a veteran of the Hymn Society ) wanted to his. Dad was filming the Red Hot Chili Peppers '' and `` Smashing Pumpkins '' with... Was celebrating his dad ’ s old movies, Absolutely Fabulous and King Kong together also accompany me guitar! Loved teaching and taught guitar and music theory book together at Heritage Worship Center a Dutch patronymic from... 2007 was the drums law, robert lansing son was admitted to the bar in 1889 seminar with his dad filming! Of Sammy Davis Jr. ’ s CV on this website love of classical cds that he one! Day, Roger Perry, and char­ac­ter­is­tic bushy eyebrows, LV ’ s 80th birthday fun his... Theories, martial arts and politics handfuls of classical cds that he over! For grandfather robert Sanders, he spent his early days in San,!
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