Flamboyant Natural Body … I’d highly suggest looking at how Gabrielle dressed and mixed and matched textures and accessories etc. This plus seeing that I am type 2 DYT and not type 1, which was EXHAUSTING, and I need a nap. This is what i’d call a ‘variation’ term used to describe a body type that carries a little more weight, thus has more flesh or has curves. Unusual/asymmetric shapes, wedges and fun patterned flats are the vibe to look our for when shopping for a Flamboyant Gamine type. Since I’ve learnt about the chart I also found I was able to give styling advice that not only focused on what I thought looked more appealing but complemented the body shape in question. Avoid long metal sharp pieces, dangling and delicate earrings. Your Fashion and Styling insight from a London native | #BlackLivesMatter, 22 Black Influencers you MUST follow | Q3 2020, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Style Moments …, Luxury Market hit by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Going for a straight style will also result in this type looking wider in appearance. Crisp and tailored designs are ideal and if you ever needed to refer to a particular era, the 1920’s with the dropped waists and the straight lines are the best to reference and explore further. Body Types: Apple/Oval, Pear/Triangle, Full Hourglass/Cello, Figure 8, Strawberry/Inverted Triangle, Banana/H/Rectangle. Marilyn Monroe has a well documented sense of style and a lot of what she wears is flattering for those on the more voluptuous end of the scale also. I managed to classify my body type via the Aly Art video below which I feel is the best way to figure out your body type. For those struggling between the two try more glam styling (ideal for the Soft Dramatic type) versus more laid back and dishevelled looks (ideal for Flamboyant Natural). Body types that have a significant Yin presence are as follows; Romantic, Theatrical Romantic, Soft Classics, Soft Natural, Soft Gamine and Soft Dramatic. ‘Clean cut, elegant and sparkly is the way to go for this body type. The accessories ideal for the Romantics are the same for the Theatrical Romantic body types. Shoes are best when they are tapered and shaped, open toe, sling backs and bare looking. Sleeves should be shapely and frame the arms as posed to having an unstructured/ bohemian essence. Body types that have a significant Yang presence are as follows; Dramatic, Soft Dramatic, Dramatic Classics, Flamboyant Natural and Flamboyant Gamine. These also work together to make up who we are and stylist David Kibbe agreed, and believed that all of us are a mix of yin (feminine/soft features) and yang (masculine/sharp features) and figuring out how much we have of each, gives us 1 of 5 main body types and 13 sub types. Cool Winter Winter Typ Clear Winter Clear Spring Dark Winter Capsule Wardrobe Work Wardrobe Essentials Core Wardrobe Deep Winter Colors. Pencil Skirt, Cowl, Wrap, Layered, Trumpet, Draped and Mermaid style skirts look great on the Romantic frame. Coloured glass, Art deco and sleek pieces are common themes stylists would typically use for red carpet events and photoshoots. Gamine (G) Emma Watson is a gamine, and as you can see, she looks like a young teenager, even though she’s in her twenties. Whilst dainty jewellery is on trend, choose maybe real gold, silver, rose gold pieces so they reman prominent on the neckline and pick stacks with chunkier accents which will make the trend more relevant for your bone structure. Deep v-knecks look good. Rihanna (trend setter and taste maker) and Nicole Scherzinger (more conservative) have a better sense of self and style. Where Soft Dramatic needs and Romantic needs differ is in the fabrics, as Romantics look best in light weight fabrics. Have a look at Grace Kelly’s choices. Later on I found an actual quiz that many use to also do the same however, in my humble opinion the terminology used can be confusing as it used dated and quite formal language. Bone structure: Large and angular. Learning what types of clothes fit my body type best has made buying flattering … Based on the quiz and the pictures of the body types I have … Fabrics in clothing should be solid/ heavy but with a soft texture to help effectively drape around curves. A-line and skater dress styles are very flattering on a Soft Gamine body type in particular. This is why they tend to be the chosen group in modelling as they make great manikins for creative designs. The reason why i love the Gamine style is that it is often the most innovative. You can go for aline shapes for edgier looks however a balanced tailored monochromatic look would make you particularly striking. Christina is particularly voluptuous and so her clothing options on and off the screen makes for great wardrobe inspiration at any stage you are, physique and age wise. Narrow and slim silhouettes are best. Shorter dresses look tasteful on this body type’s shorter frame (shocking but true). Try not to mistake draping for frills. The list of trousers that were in the Gamine section would look good on a Soft Gamine as long as there is waist emphasis that can be enhanced using a belt or purchasing high waisted styles of each recommended trouser cut. Movies like ‘Titanic’ starring Kate Winslet and ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’ starring Marilyn Monroe have good wardrobe examples for this body type. Gabrielle Bonheur aka Coco Chanel, was so ground breaking that it would be silly to ignore her contributions to women’s contemporary style. Best to shop now for these shapes because it is a trend along with the Bottega Venetta inspired square toe. pleats are ideal for your frame. Chiseled face, sharp angular features, moderate to very tall, narrow shoulders and hips, lanky, taut skin, strong vertical line/straight body shape, small or flat chest, long limbs, big hands and feet. This term is only used to describe a more angular version of a Romantic type called the Theatrical Romantic. The Dramatic Body type is the most Yang of the 13 body types with little to no curves, quite an angular physique and height to match. Still, I have placed this quiz below just as a way to further confirm your unique body type category (but once again, i’d go by images and the descriptions used in the video below). What I also like to do is research the stylist for a show and have a skim through their work over the years e.g. Heavy yet soft materials are best and so you must avoid frilly details and eclectic patterns/designs. Shoulders should not be sharp or stiff (e.g. the wiggle dress are best. Draped and grecian styles with long lines that hug the curves are ideal for the Soft Dramatic type (I think you can see a pattern here). One of the core concepts behind the Kibbe classification is the idea of Yin and Yang.
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