Encompassing Hamburg/Lyme, East Haddam and Salem CT. Nonprofit Organization Eightmile River Wild & Scenic Watershed. Contact Us: 860-345-8700 . Eightmile River Watershed. Most of the watershed is located in East Haddam, Lyme, and Salem. Home; About Us; News & Events; Wild & Scenic Watershed. Eightmile FAQ; About the Watershed; Wild & Scenic Program Overview; What Wild & Scenic Means to You; Taking Care of Our Watershed; Publications, Maps & Research. The Eightmile River runs for 13.4 miles (21.6 km) to Hamburg Cove near Hamburg, Connecticut. 2008: Hockanum State of the Watershed Report: 2005: Jordan Brook Watershed … The Eightmile River has its source along a small drainage into several small swamps in an undeveloped region about three miles east of Bashan in the town of East Haddam, Connecticut.This source is fairly centered between Ackley Road, Hall Kilbourne Road, Usher Swamp Road, and Miles Standish Road. Nonprofit Organization Measuring eight miles from its cold, fast-flowing headwaters to its confluence with the Connecticut River at Hamburg Cove’s freshwater tidal marshes, the Eightmile remains in remarkably good condition with high water quality and rich aquatic life. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act 1996: Groton Utilities Drinking Water Quality Management Plan and. Eightmile Watershed have to understand what a watershed is, and how they fit into the bigger picture.” — Anthony Irving, Eightmile River Watershed Advisory Commitee Draining to scenic Hamburg Coveon the eastern bank of the lower Connecticut River, this sixty-two square mile area is a corner of Connecticut that still retains the cultural and With over 150 miles of pristine rivers and streams flowing through relatively undeveloped rural land, the Eightmile River Watershed is an exceptional natural and cultural resource. We serve the residents, property-owners and visitors of the cities in our district: Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Richfield. Understanding Our Urban Watershed The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is approximately 50 square miles and encompasses the land area draining to Nine Mile Creek. Ledyard Source Water Protection Plan. It is the goal of this plan to make recommendations necessary to bring all water quality parameters within State water quality standards for Fish & Wildlife as identified in … The Eightmile Creek Watershed Managment Plan was completed in 2011. Eight Mile River Watershed -- Lyme CT. Eightmile Wild & Scenic River Watershed, Haddam, CT. 732 likes. The Eightmile River watershed is a 62 square mile area with more than 160 miles of river and streams. Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Nov 16 based on 63 water years of record more; Min (2014) 25th percen-tile Most Recent Instantaneous Value Nov 16 Median Mean 75th percen-tile Max (2019) 3.38: 13: 17.4: 22: 38: 47: 182 Eight Mile River Watershed Management Plan: 2005: Fenger Brook Watershed Management Study. Eightmile Wild & Scenic River Watershed, Haddam, CT. 770 likes. Eight Mile Creek Watershed. The Eightmile River Watershed Management Plan was created as a part of the Eightmile River Wild and Scenic Study to establish recommended tools and strategies for ensuring the watershed ecosystem is protected and enhanced for generations to come. 1066 Saybrook Rd Haddam, CT 06438.
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